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Quality Programs

FSSC 22000




We deliver the highest quality standards in the industry

Every product that we produce is guaranteed to meet every customers demands, as well as our very quality program standards. You can rest assured that your products are manufactured with the highest quality.

Proven methods of traceability

We believe in being held accountable to a high set of standards, and our protocol of traceability makes sure no contamination will go unnoticed or unaccounted for. We have developed our very own proprietary traceability methods, which is used in every order, batch, and shipment to give you the highest quality every time.

Get a certified quality pre-mix in every blend

Homogeny in our products are assured through a rigorous testing process with every order. Our premixes are made to withstand any possible uncontrolled conditions while meeting customer specifications. We examine every batch for impurities or contamination to ensure quality 

We are extremely proud to achieve FSSC 22000 Certification. This certification is a testament to our companywide commitment to safety, quality and security. To read more about the standards we abide by, click here

What is FSSC 22000?

  • FSSC 22000 is a Food Safety Certification Scheme that usees ISO 22000 and PAS 220

  • PAS 220 specifies requirements for Prerequisite Programs for food manufactures

  • This document was added to ISO 22000 to create a system that could be benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative

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